Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz is one of the few suppliers in the world which are able to provide their customers with thiosulfates on a commercial scale. We produce sodium- and ammonium-based solid and liquid products as well as potassium-based thiosulfates as aqueous solutions.

By strictly adhering to your special specifications, we are able to guarantee first-class performance for all our materials. With qualified consultation and process parameters which are tailor-made to your needs, we can guarantee the optimum application results.

Tell us your needs. We supply thiosulfates according to your specific demand.

Product Data


  • Sodium thiosulfate (anhydrous, pentahydrate or aqueous solution)
  • Ammonium thiosulfate (solid or aqueous solution)
  • Potassiumthiosulfate (aqueous solution)


  • Process suitable pH values
  • Defined densities


  • Thiosulfate concentrations according to customer specifications
  • Supplied in tank truck, IBC, drum or 10 litre canister


  • Grain size (solubility and flowability) according to customer specification
  • Supplied in 10 kg bags to 1,000-kg big bags

Example applications:

  • Reducing agent in waste gas and sewage treatment (DIN EN 12125: 2013-02)
  • Production of liquid fertilizers with sulphur components
  • Component of photographic fixing mixtures (ISO 10636: 1994-05)
  • Blossom thinning in orchards
  • Reducing agent


ThiosulfatesSTS solution (30%/ 50%)STS pentahydrate (crystals)STS anhydrous ("Siccum")ATS solutionATS crystalsPTS solution
Waste gases and wastewater treatment ("antichlorine")
Photochemistry (component of fixing agents)
Sulfur-containing liquid fertilizers
Leather industry
Cosmetics industry
Blossom thinning